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ICK fleas! I once moved into a house where the carpet started dancing with fleas after I had been there a week (I had not pets so they weren't mine!) It was horrid!

We're offering 10% Off parasite prevention and treatments in March

The easiest way to keep your pet, your household and you free of parasites is prevention.

Our advanced parasite treatments effectively remove the threat of parasite without the toxicity of days gone by. Ask our vets about the best ways for preventing parasites for your pet.

Preventing parasites is easier than treating the illness. Testing for parasites and vaccinating are two of the best ways to prevent infestations.

March Special 10% off parasite prevention treatments for pets

kitten-wellness-packageAsk us about preventing fleas in your dog!

Throughout March we are encouraging pet owners to get a jump start on parasite prevention.

All locations are offering 10% discount on parasite prevention and treatments, including deworming medications and flea control.

Offer ends March 31, 2017




Cats and ticks and Lyme Disease

Did you know cats are susceptible to ticks?  Watch this video to learn more.

Top 5 parasite risks for pets in Canada

parasites risks for catsPet popularity in Canada continues to grow. As veterinarians, we are often asked is "What parasites might my pet get? Will it affect me?"

Are you might be surprised to find out there are 12 common parasites that affect dogs! and 10 common parasites in cats!

Fortunately, with good hygiene and health care for pets, these risk can be managed. Let's look at the top 5 risks!

Oral and Topical Treatments