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Thanks for coming in! We've lots of supplies to keep your pets happy, healthy and entertained. If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call. Some items are not on the website.


Best Friends Pet Store Hours

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Pet Foods

We carry veterinary approved foods for cats, dogs and other small pets. We carry most varieties of each of these brands. If we do not stock it, we can order it in for you!











Cat Litter and Accessories



 Best Friends Pet Store carries a large variety of cat litters. Choose one that suits your pet's needs.

We carry the tradional dust free clay litter as well as "Green" cat litters prepared from:

  • recycled newspapers
  • corn husks
  • wheat husks

 Other options to consider when choosing your cat's litter:

  • Scented and unscented
  • Clumping and non-clumping
  • Specialized for single and multiple cat households

We also carry cat litter boxes, litter scoops and filters.

All available, at your Best Friends Pet Store!

Doggie Treats

bulk pet foods-and-veterinary recommended dog treats and pill-pocket-products

Veterinary Recommended Treats and Bulk Pet Foods

We carry bulk pet foods for many pets as well as veterinary recommended treats for pets at all life's stages.

Treats for hiding medications are available in a wide range of flavors for cats and dogs.

Pet Shampoos and Conditioners

Pet-shampoo for cats and dogs and other petsShampoos and Conditioners for Cats and Dogs

Dogs and cats agree that grooming is important.  We are certain that you'll find a  shampoo that compliments every furry friend. Ask our friendly staff if you have questions.


Cat-toys for kittys and cats scratch posts


Furry Felines agree that we carry a fine selection of cat toys and supplies. If you're looking for that special catnip treats or veterinary recommended supplement, we have them here!

Beds - cushy, covered, comfy and cosy. We have beds for all feline royalty!

Bells - small bells, large bells and multiple bells to help save the birds from your adventurous hunter

Carriers - choose a carrier to keep you and your pet safe when travelling in the car. Cats roaming free in the car can cause serious car accidents. We have a selection soft sided carriers in different sizes to fit your cat's needs. Come in to have a look at our selection.

Catnip - We have a variety of catnip toys and packaged catnip. Call us to check for our fresh "in season" catnip!

Collars - safety collars, reflective collars, designer collars - we have a wide selection to suite your feline!

Combs & Brushes - we stock a wide selection of grooming supplies, from traditional to non-traditional combs, brushes and mitts.

Harnesses & Leashes - taking you cat for a walk can be a great experience for both of you. Try it out!

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste - dental care is important for your cat to live a long and healthy life. Daily brushing is essential. Choose from many different types of brushes to get in and get your kitty's teeth clean.

Toys- all sorts of toys to keep your curious cats curious!








Dog Chew Toys, Grooming Accessories

leashes-and-doggy-doo-bags-finalChew Toys and Fido Approved Supplies

Come in to check out our wide selection of toys, leashes, doggie doo bags and grooming accessories for your canine companions.

Pet Ear Cleansers and Nutraceuticals

preventative-health-products for pets

Ear Cleansers and Nutraceuticals

Ear cleansers can make cleaning your dogs ears a much more pleasant experience for them. Stop in and ask us to show you how to use them.

We have preventative health nutraceuticals as well - ask our knowledgeable staff for a recommendation to suit your pet's needs.

Stain and Odor Removal

stain-and-odor-removing-products-for pet accidents

Stain and Odor Removal Made Easy

Remove your worries by keeping stain and odor removing products in your house.

Cats, dogs and other creatures can produce occasional stains and odors. We stock a wide range of products to safely remove pet accidents and stains from a variety of common home surfaces.

Oral and Topical Treatments