Best Friends Pet Store

Cat-toys for kittys and cats scratch posts


Furry Felines agree that we carry a fine selection of cat toys and supplies. If you're looking for that special catnip treats or veterinary recommended supplement, we have them here!

Beds - cushy, covered, comfy and cosy. We have beds for all feline royalty!

Bells - small bells, large bells and multiple bells to help save the birds from your adventurous hunter

Carriers - choose a carrier to keep you and your pet safe when travelling in the car. Cats roaming free in the car can cause serious car accidents. We have a selection soft sided carriers in different sizes to fit your cat's needs. Come in to have a look at our selection.

Catnip - We have a variety of catnip toys and packaged catnip. Call us to check for our fresh "in season" catnip!

Collars - safety collars, reflective collars, designer collars - we have a wide selection to suite your feline!

Combs & Brushes - we stock a wide selection of grooming supplies, from traditional to non-traditional combs, brushes and mitts.

Harnesses & Leashes - taking you cat for a walk can be a great experience for both of you. Try it out!

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste - dental care is important for your cat to live a long and healthy life. Daily brushing is essential. Choose from many different types of brushes to get in and get your kitty's teeth clean.

Toys- all sorts of toys to keep your curious cats curious!