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The Importance of Regular Vet Care for your Pet

This is a great infographic. It can also help you to remember when to get vaccines for your pets. The benefits of regular checkups and when to get them for your pets.

And how to prevent major pet diseases with early detection!

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pets and vets the importance of regular veterinary care for your furry friend

Why it's a good idea to consider vaccinations for senior pets senior dog

These are the rules that we, the veterinarians at Care Pet Wellness Group, follow when deciding whether to vaccinate. 

  1. We only vaccinate an animal against infectious agents to which it has a realistic risk of exposure.
  2. We vaccinate against infectious agents that cause significant disease.
  3. We vaccinate an animal only when the potential benefits outweigh the potential risks.

how-to-trim-pet-nails-vancouverNail Trimming

Regular nail trimming should be part of the grooming routine for your pet. Nails that are too long interfere with the way a dog walks and stands. Excessively long cat toenails can be easily caught on furniture. Toenails must be trimmed regularly to keep them a comfortable length.

With a little training and following the correct procedures, nail trimming becomes aquick and painless activity.

Advanced Health Information for cats, dogs and other critters' care

Blood Tests

Blood Glucose Testing Website - A Website to Help Diabetic Pets

Cancer Care

Angel Care Cancer Center - Practitioners at the Angel Care Cancer Center (California) work closely with your veterinarian, with the goal of doing everything possible to win the fight against cancer, while ensuring that the treatment is healing, not hurting.

Diabetes (see Blood Tests)

General Information

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  - A resource to help us help pets in need.

Doctors Fosters and Smith - Pet Care Tips extensive and in depth articles about all aspects of furry, feathered and finned creatures. With all this writing, do the good doctors get time to practice vet med?

Mar Vista Animal Medical Center - Pet Web Library -  An alphabetized index of articles about pet care, searchable and written for the pet owner. Appeals to adults and children.

Pet Center - an internet based help site for pet owners. Primarily commercial but contains good free information also.

Spay Information - an engaging website presenting information on the benefits of spaying animals. Written with pet owners, both adults and children, in mind.


Companion Animal Parasite Council - Parasite Information

Heart Worm Information

Worms and Germs Blog - an informative, sometimes humorous, and definitely useful blog about the worms and germs that affect our furry family friends from our colleagues at University of Guelph. This is definitely worth reading, for the information and the stories.

Vaccine Information

Is vaccination good for your pet? New Vaccination Protocols - a Review of the Literature. This  link to a powerpoint presentation given by DVM Bob Rogers addresses issues, risks and concerns about vaccinations and vaccination protocols. This a 'must view' item for all pet owners so that you can make your own informed decision. If you would like to discuss this with your veterinarian, please call us and we'll make an appointment for you.

Oral and Topical Treatments