Veterinary Services of Care Pet Wellness Group

  • Preventive Care (9)

    Managing your pet's health care, with annual check ups in North Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster and Vancouver's West EndYour doctor sees you yearly to assess your health, weight, predisposition to disease and overall wellbeing. The veteriniarians of Care Pet Wellness Group provide the same service for pets because we believe that preventative health is much easier to work with than disease managment.

    • Cats (4)

      Information for all cat and kitten owners.

      • Kitten care (5)

        eating kittenHealth care guidelines for kittens in their first 6 months of life as well as good practical information on what to expect from your new bundle of fur!

      • Behaviour (7)

        best-cat-boarding-burnaby-coquitlam-burnaby-vancouver-cat-play-area Our pets often communicate with their behaviour. As pet owners, it's wise to know what is normal for your critter. Learn about normal and abnormal behaviours in cats.

      • Vaccinations (2)

        Read here to learn about recommended vaccinations for your cat, at their age and stage of life.

    • Dogs (5)

      BigTongue Healthcare information for all dog owners

      • Puppies (8)

        puppy restingPuppy care guidelines and what to expect in the first six months of their adorable fluffy life with you!

      • Behaviour (5)

        weimeiner copyRead here to learn about how dogs think. This can make puppy and dog training easier and much more rewarding for the pets and humans alike.

      • Vaccinations (3)

        Click here to read about recommended vaccinations for dogs and puppies, through their lives.


    • Annual Wellness Checks (4)
    • Diet and Nutrition (7)
    • Healthy Weight for Pets (6)
    • Managing Chronic Health Conditions (7)
    • Seasonal article (2)

      Articles that change by season

  • Diagnostics (5)

    Diagnosing and managing pet health care in North Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster and Vancouver's West EndWe use tests similar to those used to check the health status of humans. Our veterinarians check for specific items in your pet's blood, urine and stool samples as well as assessing the functions of all vital organs, using a combination of samples, ultra sound and endocscopy and x-rays.

  • General and Surgical Care (1)

    We offer general surgical options at all locations, with dental surgery available at Highlands or Burnaby New West.

    • Cold Laser Therapy (1)
    • Dermatology (1)

      Managing pet allergies, skin issues and dermatology in North Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster and Vancouver's West End"Stop that scratching" Pets can have allergies and skin issues. Dermatology services are offered by all the Care Pet Wellness clincs. All vets have training in dermatology and we are fortunate to have two veterinarians with special interests in skin care. Contact us to arrange for your pet's dermatology assessment.

    • Euthanasia and Death (3)

      We respectfully offer euthanasia services at all locations, in North Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster and Vancouver's West EndWhen our pet's lives are drawing to a close it may be possible to make decisions on how your pet dies. Euthanasia means "an easy and painless death." We are honoured to be able to help you make this decision for your pet. If you feel this is the appropriate option for your pet, we will be here to help you through the decision making and final process.


    • House Calls (1)

      Housecalls easily be arranged to fit your schedule, in North Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster and Vancouver's West EndWe are pleased to offer house calls from all our locations - Highlands Animal Hospital in North Vancouver, Burnaby New Westminster Animal Hospital and the West End Veterinary Clinic. Housecalls fit the needs of many pets and owners wherein it is better for everyone if the vet comes to you.

    • Spay and Neuter Services (1)

      cpwg-crossSpaying and neutering is a question that all pet owners need consider for their own pets. Our veterinarians are happy to answer your questions and arrange for your pet's surgery at your convenience.

    • Tooth and Mouth Care (8)

      Tooth care and preventive health care in North Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster and Vancouver's West EndDid you know that tooth health and oral health are highly predictive of your pet's lifespan and health. Care Pet Wellness Group is fortunate to have Dr Gilbert as a veterinary dentist. He has completed special pet dentistry course and has mentored with different veterinary dentists in central and western North America. Dr Gilbert's passion for pain-free dentistry and natural curiousity make him one of the best veterinary dentists in the metro Vancouver area.

      You can book an appointment with Dr Gilbert for your pet's dentisty by contacting Highlands Animal Hospital


  • Oral and Topical Treatments (1)

Oral and Topical Treatments