February is Dental Care for Pets !

February is Dental Care for Pets Month

How long do you go without brushing your teeth? For me that would be half a day.

How about your pet? How long do they go without having their teeth brushed? If you can remember the last time, you are not alone.

dogteethWhich is why I love this dog's picture. Even though it is 'photoshopped' he looks so happy with his big mouth full of clean teeth. And you are correct - these are not dog teeth. My point is though that this dog looks happy with his clean teeth. And that is our goal - That is our goal - that your dog (or cat) is happy. Brushing their teeth is an important part of their health - because rotten teeth and gum disease do not make our pets happy. Take a look at Maya's story - she had some pretty big tooth problems when she came in (don't worry - no gory pics in the video) but we got her all fixed up. She's happy now.

It's been said before "No one brushes an animal's teeth in the wild - don't see why we should now."

That's true - but these are not wild animals, out taking their chances with life and death. Animals in the wild do not live the extended lives that our domesticated pets experience. Considerable research has identified ways to keep your pet healthy - keep them active and at a healthy weight, and have regular health checks. As they get older, help them with the diseases of aging - arthritis etc.

One clear indicator of life span for pets is the state of their gums. It's the same problem humans have - peridontal disease. Pets with gum disease and the associated tooth loss do not live the long and happy life. We know now that our pets are just as susceptible to tooth and gum problems as humans. Their teeth need brushing to keep them clean and the gums healthy. It does help them live longer. I suppose that makes sense because a pet can't eat very well if they don't have teeth! The opposite is true as well - because we can help our pets live longer, they need their teeth for a longer time in order to eat when they are older. Either way, it means dental care is important for your pet to be healthy.

This is Dental Care Month at Care Pet Wellness Group.

In this month we are encouraging and supporting everyone to start brushing their pet's teeth. Our experienced staff are here to help you and would be glad to give a demonstration.

We also have this short video demonstration on  "Brushing Teeth", taken at Highlands Animal Hospital, that demonstrates how to do a good job brushing teeth - it actually looks really easy!

We can also help set you up with the proper tools! (toothbrushes and toothpastes are different for pets too!)We carry a wide selection of toothpastes for cats and dog

Has your pet has a dental check in the past year?

Just like humans - cats and dogs need their teeth checked out - to detect problems before they become really painful and irreversible. The veterinarian will also scale the teeth to remove plaque. All done while your pet is comfortably asleep and not able to feel any pain.

Book your dental check in February Discounts available. Call us to find out more!

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