Three signs of dental problems in your pet

Three signs of tooth decay and gum disease in your pet

  1. Bad breath - Dogs and cats will have breath that will smell of dog and cats things. This scent is distinctly different from "rotten bad breath" that smells rotten or foul and indicates gum disease. Most dental diseases occur below dogteeththe gum line and therefore would not be visible to owners. However your nose will notice if the smell is no longer a normal 'dog' or 'cat' scent. With this in mind, get to know the smell of your pet's mouth. A small whiff will tell you what you need to know.
  2. Difficulty chewing - Animals that cannot chew may have dental disease. It's that simple. Rotting teeth and infected gums cause pain which can prevent your pet from chewing their food, and this in turn affects their nutrition. If they aren't chewing their food, then there is something wrong in their mouth.
  3. There is not such thing as a "normal growth" in an animal's mouth. Therefore if you see a growth in your pet's mouth, you need to take them to see the vet and have it biopsied.

If you have questions about what might be happening in your pet's mouth, call your nearest Care Pet Wellness location.

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