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    Information for all cat and kitten owners.

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      eating kittenHealth care guidelines for kittens in their first 6 months of life as well as good practical information on what to expect from your new bundle of fur!

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      best-cat-boarding-burnaby-coquitlam-burnaby-vancouver-cat-play-area Our pets often communicate with their behaviour. As pet owners, it's wise to know what is normal for your critter. Learn about normal and abnormal behaviours in cats.

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      Read here to learn about recommended vaccinations for your cat, at their age and stage of life.

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    BigTongue Healthcare information for all dog owners

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      puppy restingPuppy care guidelines and what to expect in the first six months of their adorable fluffy life with you!

    • Behaviour (5)

      weimeiner copyRead here to learn about how dogs think. This can make puppy and dog training easier and much more rewarding for the pets and humans alike.

    • Vaccinations (3)

      Click here to read about recommended vaccinations for dogs and puppies, through their lives.


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