Pet Weight Loss and Nutrition Awareness

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January is Pet Weight Loss and Nutrition Awareness Month

weight mattersJanuary brings lower energy output for many pets because of inclement weather. This can turn into weight gain for normally active animals. How can you keep your pet at a healthy weight without feeling that you are starving them?

Join us at Care Pet Wellness for Weight Loss and Nutrition Awareness Month.

Learn how to determine your pet's ideal weight and the effects of weight gain on different animals.

Did you know there are pet foods that can help your pet feel full with less food?

There are also treatment programs to help you to help your pet lose weight.

Last year we helped an overweight cat names Angus lost a bunch of weight. Check on his story.  It worked so well he was adopted out to a new family quite quickly.
Visit your nearest clinic for nutritional and weight loss information for your pet!

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