Successful Weight Loss in Pets

angus-cat-weight-loss-overweight-Burnaby New Westminster Animal Hospital

Follow Angus the Cat as he loses weight

Say hello to Angus - our new entry in the Royal Canin Slimfit Program.

Angus is an 8 year old ginger tabby cat who is extremely overweight. He's had a rough time, going from foster home to foster home and recently landed at the New Westminster Animal Shelter.  When we took him in at the Burnaby New Westminster Animal Hospital the first thing we saw was an uncomfortable kitty!

We have entered him into the Royal Canin Slimfit Program. This is a web based program that helps people to help their pets lose weight. Once we added Angus's information to the website, along with relevant health information the Royal Canin software made recommendations on how best to feed Angus to encourage weight loss. 

On the first day, Angus weighed 12.36 kg or 27.2lbs! He's got a ways to go, but at least he has started his weight loss journey. One thing we know for sure is that he will be a much happier kitty as he loses all that extra fat. He'll also be much healthier and will look forward to living a longer life.

We hope you'll check back and follow Angus in his weight loss journey.

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