Successful Weight Loss in Pets

Angus's Weight: Day 7 = - 0.41 kg


Congratulations Angus! You lost 0.41 KG!

Angus is now 11.99 kg! Yaa Angus! 

That may not seem much to you but it is a little over 3% of his body weight. For a 70kg adult human, that would mean losing 2.1 kg (about 4lbs for those in the Imperial system).



Angus's Weight Loss
Date Loss (kg)
Start Weight 12.4 kg 0
Jan 14 11.99kg 0.41





While still obese, this weight loss means that Angus is feeling a bit less heavy and can move more freely. Most importantly he is losing the weight without really noticing anything is missing. The food is keeping him satiated and he is also getting more exercise.

Is your pet overweight? Have a look at this link about the effects of obesity in pets.

Check in this time next week to see where Angus is on his weight loss. We think he looks trimmer already - don't you?

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